Test Case Object OptionsΒΆ

At the top of the Alyvix Designer panel are the options relating to the test case object as a whole:

The test case options.

The Object name is the reference name of a particular test case object within a given test case. A test case typically contains multiple test case objects which are used when building scripts , and thus it needs a unique, descriptive name to easily distinguish it from other test case objects.

There are also three test case parameters that affect how the selections and subselections in the component tree are detected, regardless of their type, and what happens if they fail to be detected:

  1. Detection condition: One of the following conditions will be checked at a default interval of every 0.5 seconds:

    • Appear: Alyvix will continuously try to detect if the test case object as a whole (i.e., all of its groups and components) appear simultaneously on screen when that was previously not the case

    • AppearDisappear: Similarly, Alyvix will check whether all the groups and components in the test case object appear, and then also disappear within the timeout limit

    • Disappear: If the groups and components of a test case object were initially present, Alyvix will detect when they are no longer visible

      Visual appearance and disappearance timeline.
  2. Timeout: All the components will be regularly checked with the chosen detection condition until this number of seconds has elapsed.

  3. Break: If this option is checked, then timing out without the selected detection condition having matched will cause the test case object to fail. If the option is not checked, the failure will simply be reported.