User Guide
Version v3.6.0

Example: Opening the Windows Start Menu

This short task will accomplish something simple, yet will show you the potential of using Alyvix.

Tutorials similar to this one are also available in video format.

  1. Launch Alyvix Editor, giving it a file name to use (the exact name is not important, but we will reuse them in subsequent examples):

    C:\Alyvix\testcases> alyvix_editor -f start-test

    The Editor screen will appear:

    The Windows Start button in Alyvix Designer
  2. Click on the DELAY [SEC] 0 ADD button at the bottom to trigger a screen capture.

  3. Next, use the mouse to create a selection around the Windows Start button by left-clicking and dragging so that it looks similar to this screenshot (if you don’t get it quite right the first time, just resize any of the edges using the left mouse button):

    Selecting the Windows Start button.
  4. With our graphic component still selected, press the Escape key. The Editor interface will return with the area containing the Start button as shown in the panel at the right:

    The Windows Start button in Alyvix Editor's Designer panel
  5. At the bottom of that panel under the label Action there is a dropdown option with the value None. Change that value from None to Click and keep its default values. A mouse icon to the right of the Start button will confirm this with a red highlight.

    The click point added to the Windows Start button in the Designer panel
  6. Save this new test case by clicking the SAVE button at the top. Since we started Editor with the option -f start-test, the resulting file will be called start-test.alyvix.

  7. In the Selector panel at the bottom left, change the name of our test case object from the default name VisualObject1 to a new one like PressStartButton:

    The start button test case in Alyvix Selector
  8. Click on the lineadd-icon action next to PressStartButton shown in the screenshot above to insert the new test case object into the Scripting panel marked Script: MAIN:

    The start button script element in Alyvix Editor
  9. Now start Alyvix Robot by pressing the runblue button at the top left. The Editor window will disappear and the mouse will move over to the Windows Start button and click, causing the Start Menu to open. Finally, save and exit Alyvix Editor using the SAVE and EXIT buttons at the top.

If you saw the Start Menu appear, then you’ve successfully built and run your very first Alyvix test case!

The following page will continue this example to create a more complex script.