User Guide
Version v3.5.0





Autocontour is an Alyvix feature that automatically detects the boundaries of an onscreen object and creates a selection around it. It can greatly speed up your interactions with Alyvix Designer, as it’s much quicker to right-click on an icon than to draw a box around it. You can press the Space key when in capture mode to see candidate automatic selections (press Space a second time to return to normal capture mode).


A component is a visual element on the screen capture that has a specific type (image, rect, or text) and is either the principle component of a group or a subcomponent. A component represents the link between that visual element and a logical element that Alyvix can logically interact with. Unless moved, components are positioned in the component tree according to the order they were created.

Component Tree

The component tree reflects the hierarchy of components in a given test case object in Designer.


A group in a test case object consists of a main component and up to 4 subcomponents that during execution must all match against the current screen in order for their actions to be carried out.


A map is a user-defined table of strings, consisting of a column of keys, and one or more columns of values. Maps can be used both for transforming an extracted value and for looping over a test case object with the keys as parameters.

Region of Interest

A region of interest (RoI) is the area around a subselection in which that subselection must appear during execution for a match to be valid. It is especially useful when the selection is at the edge of a resizeable region such as a window.


The root element of a test case object holds the captured screen which serves as the image source for creating components. It is the root of the component tree, and all groups and their subcomponents are dependent on it.


A test case script is a sequence of instructions (each consisting of one or more test case objects) describing, during the execution phase:


A section is a user-defined subscript that can be called by one or more of the main, fail or exit scripts. Sections are helpful whenever there are repetitive sequences of actions to carry out.


A selection is a rectangular area within a screen capture that serves as the principal anchor for an entire group. Unlike a subselection, a selection has no Region of Interest – it can match anywhere on the screen. For further information, see the Designer Interface Overview.


A subselection is a rectangular area within a screen capture that has an associated Region of Interest and is relative to a Selection. During execution, the RoI is positioned relative to the location of the detected selection, and the subselection must match an area within that RoI.

Test Case

A test case is the sum total of the screen capture, all test case objects (containing the component tree and its components), and any mappings and scripts using those objects. It is saved in a file with an .alyvix extension, and can be loaded by Alyvix applications.

Test Case Object

A test case object is a named object within a test case, consisting of a screen capture and all the components within the component tree based on that screen capture. A single test case can contain multiple test case objects, and all test case objects can be used for creating scripts within their test case.