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Of course you could run your critical IT and business systems without any way to know whether they're currently running or not. In modern business if 'critical' doesn't mean 'needs to be working 24/7', what does it mean? Read on to find out why you need to monitor your critical systems, the main approaches to monitoring, and the benefits of monitoring once you've set it in motion.

Alyvix Server and previous versions have helped us create a usable visual monitoring system focused not just on individual checks, but orchestrating groups of checks to regularly monitor multiple, distributed applications.

With the introduction of Alyvix Service, that task has become even easier. Why is that, and why should you migrate from Alyvix Server to Alyvix Service? Read on to find out!

Office, Home Office, what about Beach Office? It doesn't matter how remote your workers are, they need to be able to connect securely to the Main Office so they can access all their files and data as if they were in the Office. And VPNs are the main way this gets down.

As an IT administrator, how can you ensure that the VPN server is always up so people can get their work done? Use Alyvix and Alyvix Service to continually check the state of your VPN from outside your company, where your remote workers are. Read on to see how.

Visual monitoring is an exciting complement to traditional monitoring that allows for full, end-to-end monitoring. Beyond monitoring just your hardware, it checks that your apps and services are always as responsive as your users and customers expect them to be. Alyvix Service and Alyvix work together to monitor your apps, delivering reports and historical data that you can use to both diagnose specific problems with your apps, and to help foresee IT problems before they affect your users. Let's see how.

Today we take a look at the entire Alyvix Service lifecycle when it's used together with a monitoring system. We build a complete test case from scratch that uses Remote Desktop (RDC) to log in to a remote server, run an application there, and receive and review reports that include timing data and screenshots of each measured task step.

These days who has time to check out new software? You could easily spend half a day figuring things out reading the website. Well, we've got you covered with our 2 minute video that explains it simply: what Alyvix is and what Alyvix does. In fact it takes less time to watch than it does to read this article!