Flexible plans

suited to your business

Integrate Visual Checks

Enhance your monitoring

We can provide you with services to meet the following crucial aspects of visual monitoring:

Manage active Windows sessions and keep them alive to properly run contained Alyvix visual test cases

Schedule those test cases with optimal turnaround time to improve transaction monitoring efficiency and resource effectiveness

Collect the entire history of transaction measures over a given time range

Interface with any monitoring system

Support your production systems and help you edit visual test cases

Test case building

We can build your end-user workflows for you

Probe integration

We can deploy your bot machines for you

Workflow maintenance

We can keep your requirements up-to-date

Standard Subscription

A simple but effective solution, to get familiar with Alyvix and visual monitoring

Service and support for 1 probe and 3 test cases

€2.860/yr contact us

Professional Subscription

A full-fledged visual monitoring solution for business critical workflows

Service and support for 5 probes and 15 test cases

€6.600/yr contact us

Enterprise Subscription

Distribute multiple test cases over a number of physical locations

Service and support for 8 probes and 30 test cases

€11.000/yr contact us

Enterprise Plus Subscription

Go global, monitor across time zones and continents

Service and support for 12 probes and 50 test cases

€16.500/yr contact us