Scale Up Synthetic Monitoring

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Alyvix Service is a visually based APM tool for scaling up synthetic monitoring.

Get Started with Alyvix Service 2.5.1 Latest Features

Let Alyvix Service manage your tests

See the results in your monitoring system

Schedule end-user bots continuously and in parallel, while keeping your Windows RDP sessions up and running.

Create reports on the end-user experience by retrieving the test case measurements and screenshots, and directly view their summary reports.

Session Management

Keep multiple Windows Service sessions alive

Test Case Scheduling

Run your test cases continuously and in parallel

Measurement Web APIs

Provide recorded measurements and screenshots on demand

Transaction Reporting

Look at the certified results for each test case run

Node Deployment

We can install and configure one or more Alyvix Service instances for you

Workflow Maintenance

We can keep Alyvix Service running smoothly on your servers or ours

Manage Instances and Sessions

Alyvix Service manages multiple Windows sessions, keeping their graphical environments alive, and schedules the test case workflows you have configured, running them at regular intervals.

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Schedule your Bots

Tell Alyvix Service how often to run each group of test cases, and then enable and disable them whenever you need to.

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View transaction Reports

Once your test cases are running continuously and in parallel, Alyvix Service displays timing data and a list of human readable reports for each test case run: they provide demonstrable and indisputable proof whenever the visual response times out.

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Analyze trends in Dashboards

Collect data from your test case runs over time, then view the aggregated historical data in your monitoring system. Identify potential problems and optimally deploy resources, or drill down to find the root causes of problems.

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Subscription Features

Standard Professional Enterprise Enterprise Plus
Alyvix Service1 1 instance 5 instances 8 instances 12 instances
Windows sessions2 1/instance 5/instance 10/instance 15/instance
Supported incidents 5/year 15/year 25/year 45/year
Normal response 6 hours 4 hours 4 hours 2 hours
Critical response 4 hours 2 hours 2 hours 1 hour
Service requests 5/year 15/year 25/year 45/year
Service response 8 hours 4 hours 4 hours 2 hours
People supported 1 person 2 people 3 people >3 people
Remote training ✗ extra €/day ✗ extra €/day ✗ extra €/day ✓ included
2.860 €/year 6.600 €/year 11.000 €/year 16.500 €/year
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1. Alyvix Service is a Windows service installed on a Windows 64-bit OS where English is the recommended language. Microsoft licenses are not included in the subscription.
2. Windows Terminal Server is required when managing more than 1 Windows session with Alyvix Service. Microsoft licenses are not included in the subscription.