Service Guide
Version v2.5.1

Version 2.1.0ΒΆ

Alyvix Service is a software tool for scaling up the management of instances of the Alyvix synthetic monitoring system. All you need is a compatible database and monitoring system that can link the Alyvix Service API with its own GUI and host model.

Alyvix Service Version 2.1.0

Release date: July 19th, 2023

This release of Alyvix Service v2.1.0 improves communication and security between Alyvix Service and monitoring systems it integrates with.

New Features

  • NATS-InfluxDB channels: Alyvix Service can now send transaction measures through NATS-InfluxDB channels, which can be properly defined (IP, port, certificate, public key, NATS subject) and associated with sessions (and their tenants).

  • RESTful web API v1: a first consolidated version of the Alyvix Service RESTful web APIs to fully integrate the tool in any monitoring system.

Bug Fixes

  • Failed report pagination: Fixed Alyvix Service paginating just failed reports, which is no longer a pagination of all the reports with a failed report filter.