In a previous post (Alyvix technological change) I briefly wrote the reason why Alyvix is written in Python. It’s easy to use and it has great potential. In this post, I’m going to deepen this topic.

Python is the fastest-growing programming language. According to a report from Forbes, it showed a 456% growth last year – e.g. it is used by Netflix, IBM, Dropbox. This programming language is extremely easy to use and it may cut the development time in comparison to JAVA, for example.


Why has it grown so much?

Python has grown so much because it can be used for several purposes – from web development to mobile app development to data science. But… Why? In this paragraph, I’ll try to summarize some reasons.

  • It is the first-choice language of students and skilled programmers. This is because of its wide usage in several companies. Python is definitely in demand nowadays.
  • Python can be used for various tasks, such as web development and data science – it is extremely versatile.
  • Machine Learning. There isn’t a special programming language dedicated to Machine Learning. Developers choose the best that will fulfill their needs. According to IBM though, Python is one of the most popular and best languages for Machine Learning. That’s why data is key and the understanding of data is crucial in Machine Learning. Python is easy to understand and is able to deal with issues.
  • It has several packaging for loading and playing around with data, transforming inputs into a numerical matrix, or actual machine learning and assessment.


Will Python be used also in the future?

The market is flexible. Trends define needs and needs define actual trends. Python is now a trend, no doubt about it. Moreover, it’s easy to learn and it’s really friendly – thanks to its popularity and the community.

Why is one language more popular than another? This question is not so easy to answer. The reasons for a language’s popularity lay in its appropriation for particular development purposes. A programming language is good if it lets developers express their thoughts in a simpler way. Python ‘produces’ fewer lines of code than many other languages, but is still readable and modifiable.


….. If you want to know more about the reasons why our developers use some packages for Alyvix… do not hesitate to contact us!