Visual Synthetic Monitoring

Visual Synthetic Monitoring

Visual means that Alyvix looks at an application graphical user interface (GUI) exactly as you do: if you can see something on your screen Alyvix can do that too and vice versa. Synthetic means that Alyvix synthetizes human users behaving like them: if you can interact with an application GUI, no matter what the interaction mode is (mouse clicks, keystrokes, etc.), Alyvix can do that too. Monitoring means that an Alyvix system tracks performances of application transactions: you can analyze time series of your business-critical transactions, where latency spikes and downtime gaps are evident.

The idea is to monitor certain user interaction flows where business-critical transactions take place in desktop applications or web services. Those flows can be replicated as sequences of transactions: Alyvix provides tools to define every transaction and to serialize transactions within executable test cases. As a result of executing test cases with Alyvix it is possible for every listed transaction to check its availability (i.e. it does not fail) and to measure its responsiveness, so the number of milliseconds that the application takes from the end of the last interaction to the appearance of the defined graphic elements.

Executing the same Alyvix test case continuously (e.g. hourly) and from different locations (having several cloned machines sending performance data from several hotspots) it is possible to assess the quality of service of the given application.


Alyvix system shows and notifies when (date and time), where (machine IP) and why (application screenshot with graphic elements to detect) that the quality of service decreased or lacked at all. That means doing visual synthetic monitoring.


Alyvix solution

Alyvix is a solution that monitors critical user transactions of any applications from the point of view of the end-user visual perception.

Alyvix automates any application, interacting with any GUI exactly as a human would do. Alyvix measures how long application transactions take, and visualizes their performance in monitoring systems. Alyvix reports HTML pages containing the details of each test case step.

Alyvix certifies that users are able to successfully complete a certain application task, in a given moment and location, with a certain quality of service. IT operation teams can modulate infrastructure resources. Clients of IT companies can check the SLA with providers.