ERP systems (e.g. Dynamics AX) are fundamental for companies; in fact, they automate and integrate core business processes – such as taking customer orders, scheduling operations, and keeping inventory records and financial data.

As I wrote in some previous posts, a slowing down or a malfunction in business applications can jeopardize employees work. In addition, if the performance isn’t optimized, the employees’ productivity drops and costs increase.



A company asked us to build some Alyvix test cases, in order to proactively monitor the business-critical operations of Microsoft Dynamics AX – the operations they thought were the most relevant for company’s processes.



However, after a while, they called us panicked. There were some serious problems with an application transaction, which affected employees work. In fact, the transaction was related to the inventory management, more precisely to the “on-hand inventory” transaction. As they underlined, the issue was extremely relevant, because every single employee was involved in that transaction.

The change was significant; in fact, the transaction “on-hand inventory” usually took 10 seconds. For some reason, suddenly, the loading time was 40 seconds. This slowdown effectively jeopardized employees work and affected the company’s productivity.


We discovered that a consultant had started a too heavy procedure for the IT infrastructure that prevented the correct operation of Microsoft Dynamics AX. It seemed like there has been an increase in users using AX and an exponential increase in the number of transactions.

The company subsequently decided to build another Alyvix test case, in order to monitor also this business-critical transaction, which actually badly affected the productivity of the company.

Therefore, Alyvix can monitor transactions trend and can proactively discover anomalies, issues, in order to avoid slowdowns and, therefore, bad consequences for the company business.


It is intriguing to see the story from another point of view.

… What if the consultant had Alyvix to monitor the transactions? Do you think that it would have happened anyway? 😉