Hi everybody,

On July 3, we published Alyvix 2.7 release. It brings some significant improvements; the most important is the autocontour feature, which can definitely help all Alyvix users in the test cases building phase.

… Let’s see why!

Before the autocontour feature, if you wanted to build a test case, you had to identify the objects (image, text, etc.) and to select them manually. Thanks to the 2.6.2 and its edge stretching feature (https://alyvix.com/doc/getting_started/alyvix_2-6-2_release_notes.html) the selection was pretty handy.

But now, the autocontour feature makes the whole process even easier and faster. In fact, you only have to click on the desired objects! We can safely say it because of a recent test case built in a company, which wanted to test one of its ERP systems. The result was great: thanks to the last release, we were able to build a test case in much less time. More precisely, we get the work done in half the time. Before it would have taken approximatively a day of work – more or less 6 – 8 hours. Now only three hours. The autocontour feature works like magic…!







Same quality with the same level of service 

… What else?


You can find the whole 2.7 release explanation in the doc section: https://alyvix.com/doc/getting_started/alyvix_2-7-0_release_notes.html