In this post, I’m going to tell you a story about an Alyvix implementation project in MS Dynamics AX 2012 environment. Monitoring with Alyvix – which is connected via RDP – we realized that the Terminal Server login timing was getting worse. In the following screenshot, thanks to NetEye IT Operation Analytics, we were able to see the monthly trend: as you can see, the rhythm dramatically decreased.

In the previous posts, we talked about the proactive function of Alyvix integrated with NetEye Analytics. Now, I’ll show you why. Users didn’t complained because they hadn’t realized the problem yet. Thanks to our solution though, we had a clear and precise overview of the application performance of the company; in fact, we were able to proactively discover the loading time issue and to work on it to solve it. Looking at the data of the single checks, we wouldn’t be able to discover this trend issue; on the contrary, thanks to NetEye ITOA we clearly saw what was happening before users noticed it and allows us to correlate data with each other.

If you look at the screenshot, you’ll see a red circle, which represent a change we made on the terminal servers, in order to speed them up.


performance monitoring


After the change, we noticed an improvement and a more constant trend. Thanks to these dashboards, we managed the problem and we began working on the issue. Zooming in the performance dashboard, if you look at the green circle in the second screenshot, you’ll notice that the loading times are significantly decreased (from 45 seconds to 10).



This is the obtained result on the terminal servers, thanks to the Windows registry cleaning – which is the change we mentioned earlier. Every terminal server has this type of problems, but nobody notice them initially. After a six months use of the terminal server, though, this type of issue affects users, which consequently complain about it. For this reason, in this case we implemented some cleaning scripts on the terminal servers to improve the loading times. In this way, we have a preventive role because we notice the problem and we find a way to solve it, before affecting users.


There is still a lot to do, but thanks to Alyvix and NetEye ITOA we kept the performance under control and we understood what actions to take, in order to keep improving applications and IT services performance and to monitor in a preventive and pervasive way.


… Work TO progress 😉


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