OSMC (Open Source Monitoring Conference)


From 5 to 8 November we attended the #OSMC (Open Source Monitoring Conference) event in Nuremberg. Lots of system engineers, developers, network engineers and IT managers met in Nuremberg to join this conference, to listen to the several speeches given by IT experts. This year, the OSMC was organized in three parallel tracks with short talks by speakers from all over the world.

Among the speakers, there was also our Susanne Greiner. Her speech was about Artificial Intelligence and the automation of anomalies detection and analyses with NetEye and Alyvix. She started talking about anomalies detection and forecasting, with a focus on Alyvix, as for user experience. It is interesting because thanks to the connection between Alyvix and NetEye (synthetic monitoring and active monitoring) it is possible to manage performance metrics and user experience. Susanne also showed the different possible levels with the scope-oriented visualization (to discover the multi-level visualization you can follow this link: https://alyvix.com/cloud/). Finally, she showed our experience with machine learning and deep learning.

On Icinga Blog, there is an interesting post on #OSMC event, in which Susanne is mentioned:

“It is always great to see what experts can do with data, so running anomaly detection and forecasting on the data, adding labels for user experience and feeding them to the AI can increase troubleshooting capabilities. And better troubleshooting will result in better availability and user experience of course what perhaps is the main goal of all IT”

If you want to get more details about the different speeches and the topics treated, you can take a look at Twitter!!