NerdIo, Adar Inc

Vadim Vladimirskiy, CEO

Sector: IT

Managing the Cloud

End-to-End Monitoring with Alyvix

Founded in 2005, the US company is a technology pioneer that offers its customers cloud IT services through the Nerdio solution – Windows desktops used through the Internet. Only if the user experience is comparable to that of a traditional PC, this whole business concept can achieve the expected success. To measure these performances metrics, Adar has decided to introduce the Alyvix end-to-end monitoring solution.


Monitoring the real user’s perception of the delivered services is a fundamental need to guarantee the corporate objectives of Adar.


  • Measure latencies and end-to-end client performance from the user’s perspective.
  • Simulation of user transactions in applications such as Microsoft Office or Internet Explorer with quick identification of performance problems.


  • Resolution of performance slowdowns even before users can notice them.
  • Achievement of service levels agreed with users through demonstrable data to the customer.

Using traditional monitoring systems, it is hardly possible control the real perception of the user. On the other hand, with Alyvix we succeeded in obtaining significant data capable of assessing the satisfaction of our customers. Thanks to the simulation of user interactions with our systems, we can guarantee high levels of service for our desktop-centric solution.

Vadim Vladimirskiy, CEO