Alyvix as a guest at the Icinga Camp Berlin 2017


I’m happy to open our blog with this event review and want to take the opportunity to thank the Icinga team that we’ve been part of this event. Last week, we made part of the fantastic Icinga community, joining the Icinga Camp Berlin. At first I thought, we were going to an ordinary IT conference, as there exist so many others… But I was completely wrong! Already the location was totally different from what I’m used to. I expected a dusty, impersonal room of any ordinary conference hotel, but far from it, the talks were held in a friendly and open room with loft character that perfectly matched with the open spirit of the participants. Bernd Erk, who I only knew from emails before, entered the stage and gave his warm welcome to the participants, even rewarding the latest registration with a bottle of gin. (For a short moment I regret having already registered in early January 😉 )


In his warm and friendly nature Bernd provided most important information like Twitter hashtag for the conference (by the way, this is #icingacamp) and latest developments on Icinga 2. After some initial difficulties (is there any IT specialist in the room?), the first talk was held by Sven Nierlein, who presented the next version of the open source tool Thruk, with its refreshed theme and a number of UI enhancements. He was followed by Werner Fischer (and we will get back to Werner later on), who gave 10 tips for better hardware monitoring. After the coffebreak and some first networking, Eric Lippmann led us through the art of writing modules for Icinga Web 2. [Unforgotten by Eric “The best tool for using XML is already on every system … “] After him, Mattis Haase entered the stage and made it undoubtable clear that certain checks just suck (especially when alerted at 3 am in the morning), but (thank god) he also explained and even showed, in his unforgettable funny way, how to do it better. Then we had a lunch break, and I know food pics suck almost as much as silly checks, but I had to do it anyway 😉


Strengthened with chili con carne, Thomas ‘the director himself’ Gelf (as I red on Twitter his colleagues winkingly call him) provided a COMPLETE overview of the Icinga Director IN 45 MINUTES!!! (And this does not imply that there is little to say… it just refers to the density of information 😉 ) Then it was Francescos’ turn: He introduced Alyvix to the Icinga community and even showed a screencast of how to implement it to Icinga 2. He even promised to publish a “how to” of the integration soon on our website.



Then during the coffee break, it was time for the raffle organized by Thomas Krenn AG, and believe it or not: Francesco won the first price, the LES v2, a silent efficient mini-server. Thank you Werner and Thomas Krenn AG!


Afterwards, Eduard Guelder gave insights how Siemens is monitoring the IT platform “smart monitoring and data analysis” which is a service provided by Siemens’ mobility division. To master this challenge they are using Icinga 2. Michael Friedrich closed the official part with his talk about how to integrate Icinga to “everything”, starting from Dashing, over Graphite, InfluxDB, Grafana to the Elastic Stack. I think all presentations will be made available soon on Icinga’s YouTube channel. Summing up, it was an informative event with likable and dedicated people in pleasant atmosphere, where we had the chance to know fantastic people and were able to take home new knowledge about Icinga and other monitoring topics. I suggest everyone who’s using Icinga, or who’s interested in doing it, to join an Icinga Camp for becoming part of this great community.