Server User Guide
Version v1.6.0

Videos and Video Tutorials

The Alyvix Server video tutorials below can provide a complementary learning style to the written user guide. You will also find here videos describing the business case for Alyvix Server in your organization as well as implemented use cases for specific scenarios.

Alyvix Server Guide

See a brief, high level overview that shows you how to configure and run Alyvix Server.

Alyvix Server Introduction, version 1.2.0

Source: Alyvix@YouTube  

Use Case: Outlook over the Web

Here we lay out the reasons why you should use Visual Monitoring to keep tabs on the performance of your Outlook clients. The video describes the IT benefits of using Alyvix in an implemented use case at an IT company that extensively uses Microsoft’s email, calendar and contacts application to keep its employees and customers communicating smoothly.

Logistics Use Case, version 1.5.0

Source: Alyvix@YouTube  

Use Case: Logistics Application in Dynamics AX via RDWeb

This video presents the business case for using Visual Monitoring in your organization, describing the IT benefits in an implemented logistics application that uses Microsoft’s Dynamics AX platform via RDWeb.

Logistics Use Case, version 1.5.0

Source: Alyvix@YouTube  

The Alyvix Value

This video shows how you can integrate Alyvix Server to visualize test case results using graph-based systems like Grafana to explore long-term data to find trends and isolate problems. This video shows you the true value that Alyvix Server can deliver to your organization.

The Alyvix Value, version 1.5.0

Source: Alyvix@YouTube  

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

See how to use a configured instance of Alyvix Server to schedule your Alyvix test cases for Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CRM module) via Alyvix Robot, view the results from the Measurements API, and see generated reports in HTML of both successful and failed tests cases that provide exquisite detail.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM, version 1.4.1

Source: Alyvix@YouTube  

Sales Force Cloud

This video is structured identically to the one above, but shows how to run a test case based on Sales Force’s Cloud (Lightning edition) CRM tool.

Sales Force Cloud, version 1.4.3

Source: Alyvix@YouTube