Server User Guide
Version v1.7.3

Version 1.7.3 (Current)ΒΆ

Alyvix Server is a software tool for scaling up the management of instances of the Alyvix visual monitoring system.

Alyvix Server Version 1.7.3

Release date: September 29th, 2022

New Features

  • New (deeper) database cleaning logic based on data (measures and images) retention periods of successful and failed test cases

  • New image recording logic based on successful (no images by default) and failed test cases (screenshot, annotation and definition images for each transaction)

  • New visual recording in reports, especially visual definition images for each transaction


  • New report format

Frontend Control Panels

The following endpoint URLs remain unchanged:

  • <alyvix_server>/

  • <alyvix_server>/activation

  • <alyvix_server>/settings

  • <alyvix_server>/testcases

  • <alyvix_server>/nats-influxdb

Measurement Web APIs (v0)

The following endpoint URLs remain unchanged:

  • <alyvix_server>/v0/testcases

    • <alyvix_server>/v0/testcases/<testcasealias>

      • <alyvix_server>/v0/testcases/<testcasealias>?screenshots=[true, false]

    • <alyvix_server>/v0/testcases/<testcasealias>/reports

      • <alyvix_server>/v0/testcases/<testcasealias>/reports?runcode=<runcode>

  • <alyvix_server>/v0/flows/run?username=<domainusername>