Server User Guide
Version v1.6.0

Checkmk 2 Integration

The procedure below will show you how to integrate Alyvix test cases into the Checkmk ™ monitoring system. When the configuration is completed, the Checkmk installation will request the results of Alyvix runs at regular intervals via Alyvix Server’s Measurements API, and the data can then be visualized within a Checkmk Service View.

The configuration steps below assume you have (1) created Alyvix test cases readable by Alyvix Robot that you want to monitor from your Alyvix Server located at, and (2) have a working Checkmk installation with that Alyvix Server already installed as a host.

Then the general outline of the configuration steps to complete is:

  • Prepare the Checkmk special agent by installing the Python package that conducts the check locally on Alyvix Server

  • Search for the Alyvix services and register them in Checkmk

  • Verify that each Alyvix service was configured successfully

After these tasks are completed, your Checkmk dashboard will look like the following, with a new Service entry for each Alyvix test case configured on Alyvix Server:

A screenshot that shows the result after configuration is complete.

The following step-by-step guide illustrates the above steps in detail.

  1. Install the Python package on your Alyvix Server to allow Checkmk to query the results of your test cases:

    • Download and extract the package files from the official repository into the ...\Lib\site-packages\alyvix_server_checkmk\ path of your Python installation.

    • Additionally, copy the file named agent_alyvix_server.bat from that package into Checkmk’s special agent directory on Alyvix Server at C:\ProgramData\checkmk\agent\local\

  2. Optionally, you can run the local check command manually in a command prompt to ensure it works:

    C:\ProgramData\checkmk\agent\local\> agent_alyvix_server.bat
    0 "Alyvix visitsuedtirol" duration=7246;;;;|vs_home_ready=3743;;;; ...
    0 "Alyvix visititalia" duration=6985;;;;|vi_home_ready=3411;;;; ...
    0 "Alyvix visittrentino" duration=8574;;;;|win_move=;;;;|vt_home_ready=1373;...

    If the output is similar to the above, then you have successfully completed step #1.

  3. Configure all Alyvix services automatically found by Checkmk so that the results of individual test cases can be visualized.

    • From the Services View of your Alyvix Server host in Checkmk, inside the Host menu at the top, select Service configuration, and then click on Full service scan. When it completes, you should see all new Alyvix services listed in the section “Undecided services (currently not monitored)”.

    • For each Alyvix test case, click on the chkmk-green-plus icon labelled “Move to monitored services”. Those services will then be placed under the “Monitored services” section.

    • At the top right of the window, select the Pending changes action (it will say something like “3 changes”).

    • At the top left select the “Activate on selected sites” action.

  4. Add or (re)start a new test case on Alyvix Server so that test case results will be published by the Measurements API when Checkmk runs its local check command.

    Please refer to the documentation that describes these tasks:

  5. Check that the configuration was successful.

    From Checkmk’s Services View, you should see results of the first few checks:

    The three status boxes:  OK, warn and critical.

    If instead you see the service is still in a pending state (a gray box marked PEND), go to the row of the service, click on the 3-line icon menu ( ) and select “Reschedule ‘Checkmk’ service”.

    Once check results arrive, you can:

    • Hover over the graph icon to see a popup summary graph

    • Click on the graph icon to go to the dedicated, interactive results page

    • Click on the “blue globe” icon to see the most recent report for that test case on Alyvix Server

That’s it. Congratulations on successfully setting up Alyvix Server and Checkmk to visually monitor your test cases!


If you already have a complete, working installation with Checkmk and Alyvix Server, and you just need to add a new test case to your existing ones, then you only need to do steps #3 through #5.