Icinga Camp, Berlin 2019

On March 14, we attended the Icinga Camp event in Berlin. As in previous years, it was a blast.

Just for info, an Icinga Camp is a platform for the community to come together to learn and share about experience and challenges. It’s an event where the latest and greatest from the Icinga universe is shared by developers and executives.

  • EXPERIENCE: Real-life implementations, best practices, and insights from the field. From continuous monitoring to point and click configuration.
  • TOOLS: Integrating with your existing DevOps tool stack, automation with Cfgmgmt tools and data storage
  • TECHNOLOGY: Monitoring any infrastructure and any application with the latest technologies. Updates and news from the Icinga universe


 Francesco’s speech summary:

The performance of ICT services (e.g. popular ERP network applications) fluctuates over time: these services can be affected by latencies or downtimes. This is due to a variety of factors such as the number of user connections, the quality of software optimization, the balancing of hardware resources, etc.

Monitoring systems collect data with a large amount and variety of performance metrics from the entire computer network that provides the above-mentioned services. Therefore it becomes difficult even for experts to map general malfunctions to precise causes in a short time.

We are developing machine learning pipelines that detect when a system is in an anomalous state and diagnose probable outlier sources. So the focus of an ICT technician is quickly routed towards a singular or chronic problem for more speedily planning a solution.

We present our current unsupervised approach to analyzing a real scenario, and also a glimpse of the future: human and robotic supervision for reinforcement learning.


System Diagnostic: A Deeper Understanding


These are the slides presented by Francesco at the Icinga Camp in Berlin. Below you will find a short description of each of them.


If you want more info, do not hesitate to contact us: info@alyvix.com

About Francesco Melchiori

“It was awesome speaking to so many people and sharing our experience and our future plans and projects” 

Francesco Melchiori works as an ICT Engineer and now he covers a role as Product Manager at Würth Phoenix. Day by day he builds the software stories of Alyvix. It is a visual monitoring system that measures network application performance from the end-user interface perspective. Alyvix helps enterprise companies to quantify the quality of ICT services that they consume or provide in cloud.

From more than a decade, Francesco has a magnetic interest in signal processing and machine learning mainly for diagnostics solutions. He considers AI as a way to optimize the eco-compatibility of human activities and to free time for us to experience real life. Francesco lives the mountain all seasons, constantly looking to get in touch with Mother Nature. Well, that means everything except the bears.