Last weekend we enjoyed a Hackathon, which took place on the “Plan de Corones” in South Tyrol. We had the chance to manage exciting development challenges and to express our creativity!


Not bad, uh? 🙂



As usual, we started by thinking about customers’ needs; in this case, we considered their needs on holiday. In fact, especially nowadays, people choose their destinations according to different features that go beyond the simple willingness of going to the sea or in the mountains. Consumers want more!! They want to be reachable and they prefer a location where they can get a fast and reliable connection when abroad.

An emerging Internet provider has decided to offer hotels and communities all over South Tyrol, and therefore tourists and inhabitants, free Internet at never-before-seen speed.



Würth Phoenix, as #HackTheAlps PlatinSponsor, was asked to manage this challenge, in order to understand whether this service can deliver what it promises.



Alyvix, which is able to proactively monitor applications and websites, was the perfect solution to reach the aimed goal of this Hackathon challenge. Therefore, what we did was quite simple: we placed Alyvix at 84 tourist location, where the expected coverage by the Internet provider was well known. The obtained data allow us to answer many questions. For example:

Where should I go on holiday if Internet connectivity means a lot to me? Is the provider right in claiming always-available free Internet, and where should the provider strengthen its presence to reach maximum impact in terms of satisfied users?

Moreover, we were happy to prove that a synthetic real user can interact with a browser like a human would do, giving an overview of the service availability, responsiveness, and quality.

What Alyvix can do is to simulate the human interaction with an application or a website. Examples can be:

  • access
  • search for the keyword “dolomites
  • search for a flight
  • try to access Instagram
  • search for a certain profile
  • send an e-mail
  • try to access Facebook
  • post a dummy post with its profile
  • cancel the dummy post


Alyvix, moreover, keeps track of each transaction duration and reports the timing and the screenshots of the anomalies and issues occurred. The results can be:

  • OK: the transaction was performed successfully
  • warning: the transaction was performed successfully, but it took longer than a certain warning threshold
  • critical: the transaction was performed successfully, but it took longer than a certain critical threshold
  • timed out: the transaction started, but it took longer than expected and went into timeout
  • not executed: the transaction was not executed (e.g., due to an error occurring earlier in the test case)



Thanks to Alyvix, we collected data from two days at 84 stations located all over South Tyrol.

Alyvix output data were taken by the “HackSüdtyrol” team, which solved the challenge. They described the #HackTheAlps experience in the following way:

“An instructive, sleepless, funny and challenging weekend”

… Do you want to know how they solved the challenge? How they managed Alyvix data?

Well, details are coming soon… Stay tuned!

Meanwhile, enjoy the pictures 😉

Feedback is always welcome!