Command line outputΒΆ

After the execution of an Alyvix test case script, the output message is printed in the same Command Prompt window.



The first row shows:

  1. the exit state of the test case (i.e. the errorlevel of the test case: OK, WARNING, CRITICAL or UNKNOWN);

  2. an overall description of the test case outcome (e.g. all steps are ok, some error occurred, last filled perf data is <performance_name>)

  3. the transaction pipe with the test case transactions; each transaction shows the following values:

    • performance (amount of seconds);
    • warning threshold (amount of seconds);
    • critical threshold (amount of seconds).

The other rows are the list of the test case transactions: each one shows its own exit state and its performance.


OK: all steps are ok|citrix_login_form_ready_02=0.000s;10.000;15.000;; citrix_login_form=3.000s;;;; citrix_storefront=1.459s;10.000;15.000;; outlook_firstpage=15.322s;20.000;25.000;; outlook_emptyfolder_run=0.258s;5.000;7.500;; outlook_newemail=0.814s;10.000;15.000;; outlook_email_delivered=1.603s;15.000;40.000;; outlook_closed=1.091s;30.000;40.000;; citrix_storefront_menu=0.106s;5.000;7.500;; citrix_storefront_logoff=0.461s;10.000;15.000;;
OK: citrix_login_form_ready_02 time is 0.000 sec.
OK: citrix_login_form time is 3.000 sec.
OK: citrix_storefront time is 1.459 sec.
OK: outlook_firstpage time is 15.322 sec.
OK: outlook_emptyfolder_run time is 0.258 sec.
OK: outlook_newemail time is 0.814 sec.
OK: outlook_email_delivered time is 1.603 sec.
OK: outlook_closed time is 1.091 sec.
OK: citrix_storefront_menu time is 0.106 sec.
OK: citrix_storefront_logoff time is 0.461 sec.