Encryption tool

Alyvix Crypto Utility

Alyvix Crypto Utility is a command line tool to encrypt text strings as passwords. You can use it as follows:

  • browse the local folder C:\Python27\Scripts\;

  • run alyvix_crypto_utility.bat:

  • type k to set a private key (type y to confirm);
  • type e to encrypt a password;
  • highlight the encrypted password with the mouse
  • press enter to copy the encrypted password;
  • type q to exit the program.


The encryption mechanism is strictly related to the (virtual) machine on which it runs: if you port a test case on another probe, you must newly encrypt text strings as passwords on the new machine.

How to use encrypted passwords

Encrypted passwords can be used through visual keywords, which decrypt them in runtime. So that, .robot test cases do not contains clear text passwords, but just encrypted ones. You can use an encrypted password in a visual keyword as follows:

  • set click as interaction setting for the main component (i.e. the username text box), type arg1 in the interaction text box and uncheck Quotes (it is the reference name of a keyword argument, it is not a regular text string):

  • set click as interaction setting for the first subcomponent (i.e. the password text box), type arg2 in the interaction text box, uncheck Quotes and check Encrypted (we are going to pass an encrypted argument to the keyword):

  • use login_fill in the test case as follows:

    login_fill <username> <encrypted_password>
  • run the test case and login_fill will be able to solve the login form: