Install background serviceΒΆ

Alyvix Background Service is a Windows Service and provides a way to keep active a graphical session of Windows. It manages a customizable RDP connection with one Windows session, continuously trying to sign in it.

  1. Allow RDP connections

    • run the System Properties browsing Control Panel, System and Security, System, Advanced System Settings

    • click the Remote tab and check Allow remote connections to this computer

  2. Install the service

    • download the background service archive

    • unzip the background service files form the archive using the archive password that has been provided to you with an Alyvix subscription.

    • run setup.exe as admin

    • set the destination folder as C:\Program Files\Alyvix\Alyvix Background Service\ and allow its use for everyone
    • wait the successful end of install
  3. Encrypt the password

    • browse the local folder C:\Program Files\Alyvix\Alyvix Background Service\

    • run CryptoUtility.exe

    • type k to set a private key
    • type e to encrypt the password of the Windows session for Alyvix
    • copy the encrypted password
    • type q to exit the program
  4. Setup the service

    • browse the local folder C:\Program Files\Alyvix\Alyvix Background Service\
    • edit AlyvixBackgroundService.exe.config
    • type the session credentials of the Alyvix session in <add key="user" value="DOMAIN\USERNAME"/> (e.g. blatech\alyvix)
    • paste the encrypted password of the Alyvix session in <add key="password" value="PASSWORD"/> (e.g. rEsQYSqskAdpWnm7a9Azxg==)
    • set the width resolution of the Alyvix machine <add key="width" value="WIDTH_RESOLUTION"/> (e.g. 1280)
    • set the height resolution of the Alyvix machine <add key="height" value="HEIGHT_RESOLUTION"/> (e.g. 800)
  5. Run the service

    • run Windows Services services.msc

    • set the startup type of the Alyvix Background Service as Automatic

    • restart the service


Download the debug version of the background service archive to troubleshoot the service.