Deployment checkΒΆ

Follow these steps to be sure that everything is well deployed and works fine:

  1. run Command Prompt, execute the following command and check the presence of alyvix 2.6.2 as installed pip package: pip show alyvix
  2. browse Python folder C:\Python27\Lib\site-packages\alyvix\robotproxy (where Alyvix will save your test case .py libraries of keywords) and create the folder \alyvix_testcases, where you will save your test case .robot scripts
  3. run RIDE, the Alyvix test case editor, running C:\Python27\Scripts\RIDE.lnk: it could be useful to send its shortcut to the desktop or the taskbar
  4. create a New Project, clicking on the File menu of RIDE: type its name (e.g my_first_alyvix_testcase_suite) and point to the folder C:\Python27\Lib\site-packages\alyvix\robotproxy\alyvix_testcases
  5. create a New Test Case, right clicking on the project name (e.g My First Alyvix Testcase Suite) in the left panel of the editor: type its name (e.g my_first_alyvix_testcase)
  6. import the Alyvix library of basic keywords: click on the project name, then on the Library button, type alyvixlib and click the OK button: a library import is successful if its name appears black, otherwise it will be red:
  1. edit the test case (clicking on its name) and type the following command (and its arguments) in the first table row, from the first to the third column:
Create Process C:\\Program Files\\Internet Explorer\\iexplore.exe
  1. save the test case with CTRL+S and run it with F8: if Internet Explorer opens Alyvix website, you are ready to build serious Alyvix test cases!