Alyvix 2.6.2 release notes

Alyvix 2.6.2 was released on March 20, 2018.

Python 2.7.14 64bit official distribution is the recommended Python version to power Alyvix.

Alyvix does visual synthetic monitoring. If your machine matches the system requirements for Alyvix you can install or upgrade it.

New Features

Edge Stretching

You can move and resize selections and ROIs stretching their edges with the mouse.


Network Analyzer

You can get the hostname connected through RDP with mstsc.


Scraped Strings

You can scrap strings for cleaning and mapping them on a set of labels (e.g. AOS name and session ID). You can sanity check timestamps (e.g. today date, time proximity) from scraped strings.



  • Color detection through a check box in Image Finder for considering colors in image recognition
  • Available language dictionaries through a combo box in Text Finder (and Scraper)

Bug fixes

  • An alphabet filter for each sub component in Text Finder (and Scraper)
  • Show Window does not minimized a maximized window (in background) bringing it in foreground
  • Rename Perfdata edits the thresholds of renamed keywords
  • Add Perfdata performance points through NATS through NATS
  • Timedout transactions through NATS as points with no performance