Alyvix 2.5.3 release notes

Alyvix 2.5.3 was released on December 18, 2017.

Python 2.7.14 64bit official distribution is now the recommended Python version to power Alyvix.

New Features

Pip Install

You can install Alyvix through pip.


From the next release, pip will be the only package manager for Alyvix.

For now, you can still install Alyvix 2.5.3 through conda.


  • graphic definition screen for Object Finder and Scraper
  • a unique run_code field, publishing the performance data through NATS, at each new test case execution

Bug fixes

  • building maintenance of the Alyvix conda package for supporting conda install, one last time
  • sanity check for keyword naming
  • cancel Finder operations pressing ESC
  • unlimited ROI fix for Finder
  • sanity check for ROI selections
  • add Text Finder as Object Finder subcomponent
  • retain the encryption option of Image Finder
  • delete Alyvix keywords pressing CTRL+D in the keyword selector
  • publish rename and sum performance through NATS
  • cumulant performance fix publishing data through NATS
  • retain keyword tags and fields publishing data through NATS