Alyvix 2.5.2 release notes

Alyvix 2.5.2 was released on October 10, 2017.

5.0.0 is now the Anaconda recommended version to power Alyvix.

New Features

New Send Keys

The new Send Keys, both for the system keyword and the visual keywords, allows you to set the duration of every typed key and the delay between them.

Sometimes you need to press longer and slow down the key typing to avoid missed or wrong keys. That is the case of applications provided through RDP or HDX (Citrix) channels.

../_images/alyvix_release_notes_2-5-2_new-send-keys_slow.gif ../_images/alyvix_release_notes_2-5-2_new-send-keys_fast.gif

Unlimited ROI

The unlimited ROI for visual keywords allows to define a ROI with an unlimited boundary towards one or more directions.



  • Alyvix prints error screenshots on top of reports just for transactions without break option
  • Alyvix can be powered by Anaconda 5.0.0, which is the recommended version to avoid issues with older versions

Bug fixes

  • removing OF or OS caused bad naming of resulting keywords
  • renaming OS did not renamed their keyword names in the database of scraps
  • SIP module caused issues installing Alyvix (an error popup rised in RIDE)
  • PyWin32 module caused issues installing Alyvix (import win32ui failed)