Alyvix 2.5.1 release notes

Alyvix 2.5.1 was released on August 18, 2017.

New Features

NATS Integration

The NATS mode of Publish Perfdata allows you to flush all the performance data from Alyvix test cases in a specified remote InfluxDB (through a NATS channel and a Telegraf collector).

  • publishing each transaction performance as a point in InfluxDB

  • caching system of performance points (storing and resending them) in case of failed connections with NATS

  • Add Perfdata Tag adds a custom tag to a performance point

  • Add Perfdata Field adds a custom field to a performance point


Visual Scraper

Alyvix is able to scrap, process and store text strings visually detected from the screen. It can be useful to retrieve and use information about an application setup (e.g. from its title bars or windows). It can be applied as web scraper too.

  • Text Scraper can be defined and embed in Object Finder to get Object Scraper

  • The scraper keywords returns the scraped text strings, which are also integrated in the output HTML reports

  • Store Scrapdata system keywords stores all the scraped text strings and their timestamps in a local SQLite database



  • new build procedure for Alyvix conda package: it is now compatible with the latest Anaconda release
  • PyQt4 is part of Alyvix conda package and the dependency with the latest version of Pillow is solved
  • CTRL+C copies the selected keyword name in the Alyvix selector
  • CTRL+V pastes the copied keyword name
  • CTRL+D removes the selected keyword in the Alyvix selector
  • sanity check of keyword names in Text Finder
  • Text Finders and Scrapers are not selectable in Object Finders as main components
  • Text Finders and Scrapers are not runnable in test cases: they must be sub components of Object Finders
  • the detection settings of Object Finder sub components are disabled
  • Add Perfdata option to add the timestamp to a keyword definition
  • sanity check for keyword names as arguments of Rename Perfdata, Sum Perfdata, Add Perfdata Tag, Add Perfdata Field
  • review of all output messages
  • Alyvix WPM service has a stand alone Windows installer
  • an output warning is raised if the Alyvix WPM service is not installed

Bug fixes

  • rerunning an Object Finder with disappeared detection returned a wrong negative calculated performance
  • an interaction point of a sub component in a Text Finders could disable the interaction point of the next sub component
  • the return from an interaction point of a sub component in an Object Finder led to to its main component