Alyvix 2.4.1 release notes

Alyvix 2.4.1 was released on May 5, 2017.

New Features

Interaction Selection

In the Alyvix finder GUIs it is now possible to select the exact point where Alyvix has to interact with the element. (Previously it was just possible to interact with the center of objects):

  • new GUI interaction possibilities;
  • point set, reset, editing and visual anchor to its component;
  • interaction points are visualized in reports.

Drag and Drop

Besides clicking, it is now possible to let Alyvix drag and drop GUI elements:

  • drag and drop mode with a single keyword chosing from a set of standard movements;
  • continuously object holding with a keyword and custom releasing with a subsequent one.

Multiple Clicks

Besides clicking once, it is now possible to let Alyvix click multiple times on GUI elements. The number of clicks and the delay between them can be freely set.


HTML reports

  • animation for object finders, with a frame for every subcomponent
  • highlighted interaction points

Performance data

  • more data is stored in test case databases
  • more CSV publishing options are available

Measurement system

  • customizable working frequencies of frame grabber, graphic detector, interaction robot
  • more accurate appearance and disappearance timing
  • customizable exit code of single keywords and whole test cases
  • image Finder is now color sensitive
  • the outcome state logic of test cases is completely tested

GUI handling

  • GUIs show clearer options
  • rectangle sizing is easier to use
  • ROI is easier to reset for single components
  • additional shortcuts to speed up the test case building
  • tighter exception handling