Milan, 10th October 2018.

Last week, we attended the event “Cloud Transformation: moving to Agile” organized by “Observatory of Digital Innovation” at the Polytechnic of Milan. Many topics were treated and in this post, I’ll summarize the main trends.


Last year the focus was on the role of the Cloud as a platform that helps companies in the digital transformation.

But today… What does the “cloud” concept mean? It is a rich ecosystem where many tools can act in order to create value for companies. Moreover, it can lead to Artificial Intelligence services, IoT data analysis, startups with innovative solutions. Therefore, this year, the goals of the “Observatory of Digital Innovation” were:

  • Quantifying and analyze the Cloud market and identify the main trends;
  • Understanding Cloud Transformation and how it affects organizations, processes, and systems;
  • Analyzing Cloud solution and trends;
  • Analyzing the role of the Cloud in the digital transformation and innovation
  • Deepening the Agile Transformation – both technological and organizational – in Italy.

The activities carried out to achieve these goals have been multiple: surveys (large, medium, small companies) on the Agile and Cloud transformation, case studies, analysis of secondary sources, and detailed studies on the cloud market, Hybrid & Multi-Cloud, and agile methods.




In the last few years, there has been a significant change in the role played by the cloud in Italy and in the world. According to Gartner, the current global market value is 120 billion dollars and the annual growth rate of this market is 26%. As for the Italian cloud market, the value can be summarized as follows:


In Italy, the “cloud” is the preferred solution (25%) in IT business strategies – and sometimes the only choice (6%). The situation is as follows:

  • 82% of medium/large companies have, at least, one service in “public cloud“;
  • 23% of medium/large companies have their core processes in “public cloud”;

Speaking of Public Cloud instead, the current situation of the Public Cloud adoption in Italy is as follows:

Now, the “Cloud goal” is to make agile the information systems and, therefore, the whole organization. In fact, the transformation involves all the business departments: from the IT to the business areas. To reach this purpose, these are some important activities:

  • Hybrid & Multi-Cloud models;
  • Working with a new method oriented to flexibility
  • Re-thinking of the organization: new capabilities, a new government of the cloud competencies, etc.
  • Moving to an agile and flexible approach to exploit all the innovation opportunities.


… And you? What do you think? Do you agree?

Let us know 😉