Hello world,

Welcome back! I decided to write this post after having a chat with one of Alyvix‘ developers. It was a very interesting use case, therefore I thought… Why not share it with Alyvix’ community?


As the post title says… “Can a company use a synthetic monitoring tool as a benchmark?”

Well, I’ll start from the beginning. One of our customers wanted to monitor its ERP system – SAP. More precisely, they asked us to continuously repeat some fundamental business-critical transactions, in order to test their ERP system. The test case ran for two months; at the beginning of February, the project manager contacted us to explain the real purpose of their monitoring activity on those business transactions. What came out was that they wanted to change their ERP system.

So, you’re probably asking yourself… Why did they waste time monitoring business transactions that will soon no longer exist – at least on that ERP system?


This is the fascinating part. They especially asked us to build the test case and to run it for two months. In fact, after this period, the company had enough performance data to establish the normal trend of the systems involved. Therefore, the real aim of this company was to collect ERP performance data and to use it as a benchmark for the next ERP system.

When they got in touch with us in February, they asked us to build other test cases to monitor the same business-critical transactions on the new ERP system.


In conclusion…


This choice will allow the company to compare the performance data collected with the new one, in order to understand if the new ERP system is actually running better than the previous and if there will be an effective improvement.


…And you? What are your use cases? What’s the reason for a synthetic monitoring tool implementation? Or…. How would you like to implement it?