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You know that visual monitoring can be essential when monitoring the end user experience, but maybe you've thought it's too hard to implement by yourself. Well then, join Mirko and me as he gives us some tips on how he builds his application checks in the real IT world, in this case for a CRM application on Microsoft's Dynamics 365.

Here at Alyvix we just love showcasing actual implemented examples where Alyvix has helped real organizations to monitor their user-facing applications. There's just something about concrete uses that gives them a more immediate impact than generic explanations.

So today we'll consider a typical mid-sized company with a standard accounting/finance department and thus some employees who need to carry out typical accounting tasks. This company integrates all of its internal services with Microsoft's Dynamics AX over RDC, so each employee works on their tasks as a network-based application.

As I'm sure you've experienced for yourself, these networks and systems can have good days and bad days, but what you'd really like is for them to always be there when your employees need them, and to always provide a level of performance that lets them get their jobs done.

So in this article we'll describe how Alyvix can do this monitoring task, ensuring the required level of performance and responsiveness in Dynamics AX accounting applications, by employing a visual monitoring approach. Read on to find out what that is, and how Alyvix can deliver even more benefits to your organization.

It's not always clear how software tools that you've heard described abstractly can be actually put to use in your company in a way that makes business sense.

This article demonstrates the business case for using Alyvix to monitor your networked, streamed and virtual applications by presenting a real world, implemented use case in a Logistics company that uses Microsoft's Dynamics AX platform over RDWeb.

Alyvix's Visual Monitoring approach can help you discover and solve IT problems that end users often face like slow applications, which lead to low productivity. Read on to find out even more benefits of Alyvix.

How can Alyvix Server help you day to day? Alyvix Server helps you manage multiple Alyvix robots across your RDP sessions, schedules and launches your test cases, provides a RESTful API for collecting measurement data, and delivers human-readable reports that certify your application's performance. This article showcases each of these capabilities as we configure an existing Alyvix CRM test case for Microsoft's Dynamics 365 CRM, integrate the measurement data into a monitoring system, and explore the resulting time series visualizations, which can provide you with both diagnostics and decision support.

Can we use Alyvix to build a user-centric visual monitoring test case for Microsoft's Dynamics 365 CRM? Of course we can! Below we'll see how to create a runnable test case for the Sales Hub module, how to use Alyvix Robot to run it repeatedly, and how to interpret the measurements it produces.

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 is important for utilizing business services used by many companies, even for managing typically satellite operations like warehouse management. As a user-centered set of applications, the performance of all AX modules from a user perspective is vital because of the wide array of employees whose jobs are impaired when it's not available and responsive.

In this blog post we show how to build a test case for Microsoft Dynamics AX that checks performance in the Warehouse Management module by building and using an advanced filter that retrieves values from the command line as part of its filter conditions. A related video in the Alyvix YouTube channel gives detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to construct the test case described here.