Alyvix Engine

Frame grabber

Eyes | Visual Sense

Alyvix engine makes easy to process frames coming from the screen continuously

Graphic detector

Brain| Intelligence

Recognizes every graphic element: images, rectangles, text, composite object. Alyvix works with a computer vision approach and not directly  controlling application engines (APIs)

Control outputs

Hands | Actions

Interacts with every GUI control (e.g. standalone app, web browser) by sending regular keywords and mouse stroke

Graphic components

Heart | Judgement

Detects with no ambiguity graphic elements, thanks to multiple components in their definition

Graphic regions of interest

Movements| Displacement intuition

It detects graphic elements even if they are rendered in a slightly different way, thanks to regions of interest (ROIs) that bound the components

Performance measurement

Stopwatch| Timing

Measures the net time of application transactions with its precise and accurate system (processing, detection, and interaction times are excluded)