In May, we had the pleasure to host Richard Huber, CEO of RealStuff Informatik AG, and Beat Kunz, Senior IT Consultant of RealStuff Informatik AG, for an Alyvix training. After two days of full immersion, we kindly asked them to answer some questions, in order to understand if we should modify the program of the course – obviously to improve it.

In this post, we share some topics that can make you understand how Alyvix training can help you – if you are interested in learning or deepening knowledge.


Did you have clear expectations for the course? What were they?

Richard & Beat: Yes, we had clear expectations. At the Monitoring Conference organized by RealStuff in Bern, we had the chance to talk with Georg Kostner – System Integration Business Unit Manager at Würth Phoenix – and Patrick Soppera – Key Account Manager at Würth Phoenix. They explain to us what we can expect and what we can ask Francesco Melchiori – Ayvix Product Owner. We already knew what the training would be about. Therefore, we obtained what we expected: a good overview of Alyvix.


Was the content practical and applicable to the workplace? Did the case studies help you to understand concepts more clearly?

Richard & Beat: The first hours were focused on Alyvix basic principles. Then, we began talking about content practical and applicable to the workplace. It was really practical and we build some real test cases – business use cases important to monitor. For us it was great! We had the chance to see what we can do with Ayvix, even if it wasn’t the first time with this synthetic monitoring tool.


Did the course activities improve your knowledge and skills in the relevant subject?

Richard & Beat: Definitely yes.


List some important learnings that were your highlights of this course.

Richard & Beat:

  • The most important thing: I really had the chance to deeply understand what’s behind Alyvix, its core, its engine, and how to integrate it with a monitoring tool.
  • I learned how to set up performance data and how data can be helpful if set up correctly and effectively. In fact, the app can run, but it can still have some performance issues.
  • You have a great team supporting us. We understood that we can ask you and can be helped by you.

We also noticed some Alyvix limitations. Francesco explained to us that they are going to be fixed with Alyvix 3.


How likely would you be to recommend this training course to a friend or colleague?

Richard & Beat: We definitely recommend this training to other people. It’s very useful – if you are principiant or if you’ve already tried Alyvix.


How well did the content that was delivered match what you were promised when you registered? Did you learn everything that you expected to learn?

Richard & Beat: The content was what we expected. We asked Francesco some changes and he was absolutely flexible!!


Thank you Richard and Beat for your feedback, we definitely use it to improve the content and – why not? – Alyvix itself.

In case you want to know more about Alyvix training, this is the program: