Alyvix and Visual Monitoring

Welcome to the official Guide for Alyvix 3.0.2.

Alyvix is a synthetic monitoring system based on computer vision technology. Alyvix simulates real users whose actions you can define, without being hardwired to any particular application engine.

  • Alyvix automates any application, interacting with GUIs exactly as a human would.

  • Alyvix measures all UI transactions and sends the resulting performance data to your preferred monitoring system or graphing application.

  • Alyvix creates HTML-based reports containing fine-grained details of each test case step.

Alyvix provides guarantees on user perceived quality of IT services, certifying that users are able to successfully complete a given application task.

What to Do First

The first step is to check that your system has the minimum system requirements and then install Python and Alyvix.

Then if you want to just dive in and get something done with Alyvix, read the Getting Started page. It will get you up and running and prepare you to implement Alyvix in your environment.

The sections on test cases contain detailed information about using the various Alyvix interfaces to create and execute them.

For information on how to get in touch with us, as well as with the Alyvix community, the Getting in Touch page has everything you need. If there’s anything we can do to improve the Alyvix experience for you, let us know!